Composition and functions of outdoor portable recording and broadcasting system

Outdoor portable recording and broadcasting all-in-one machine, network broadcasting system, multimedia all-in-one system, which can replace hardware to complete the work of switcher, subtitle machine, mixer, hard disk broadcast system, virtual studio, video recorder, linear editing system, information TV production system, etc. It is suitable for on-site acquisition, recording, broadcasting and post-production and recording of outdoor activities, radio and television systems, webcasting, video conferencing, etc. It can generate files in MP4, TS, ASF, WMV, FLV, AVI and other formats, providing services for the Internet, education, Solutions for broadcasting and television systems, government, and enterprise multimedia information construction.
Only need a portable host + high-definition PTZ camera + audio equipment to realize recording, broadcasting and live editing

The portable recording and broadcasting system is exquisitely designed, easy to carry, quick to set up, truly zero wiring, ready to use, and can be recorded on the go; the system is built on the design concept of a fully intelligent recording and broadcasting system, and integrates All the advantages, and the introduction of a new design idea of portable and forward-looking, broke the traditional thinking that teachers must be fixed in some classrooms equipped with recording and broadcasting equipment before recording lessons, and increased the flexibility and flexibility of recording and broadcasting system construction. Flexible use, with outstanding advantages such as open architecture, flexibility and variety, simple maintenance, good scalability, and low investment cost. The portable recording and broadcasting system not only records the lectures with PowerPoint as the content, but also captures any other content on the teacher's lecture screen (including electronic whiteboard, mouse operation, DVD, VCD, WMV, RM and other dynamic content) in real time and with the teacher's voice, The video is synthesized into standard streaming media courseware, and the video and audio stream and screen content can be broadcast live simultaneously while recording. Portable recording and broadcasting has been well used in outdoor recording, sports events, micro movie shooting, school activities, outdoor stage, live broadcast and other scenes.